Northwoods Passage Site

Northwoods and Equestrian Passage takes place at the HoneyRock Center for Leadership Development, a campus of Wheaton College. After settling into your cabin, you’ll quickly take in all the Northwoods of Wisconsin has to offer: hiking, canoeing, star-gazing, campfires, trail-rides, and more! The residential experience provides a great opportunity to begin building friendships, growing spiritually, and thinking academically as you share life through activities, meals, and small group discussions. 

Overviews and Sample Schedules for Northwoods Sites

After getting to know the other first year students in your cabin, you’ll want to venture out and explore HoneyRock’s wide variety of activities: you could ride a mountain bike, complete an arts project, and soak in some sun by the waterfront all in the same day. When spending time with your group discussing your reading, don’t be surprised if your discussion is interrupted by a bald eagle flying overhead! Once the sun goes down, plan for a late-night snack in the Beehive store. And if you listen closely around the campfire, you’ll be serenaded by water loons swimming across the lake.

Time Activity
7:15 Breakfast
8:00 Corporate Worship
Morning Community Building Initiatives, Games, and Activities
12:00 Eat Lunch
1:00 Activities** & Discussion Group Time
5:15 Dinner
6:00 Book Discussions
8:00 Free Time and Evening Campfire, Debrief, and Reflection
10:00 Head to Bed & Sleep

*Approximate schedule provided; subject to change.

*HoneyRock offers 20+ indoor and outdoor activities and activity areas from ceramics to waterskiing and ping pong to arts and crafts.

The Equestrian track of Northwoods Passage takes place at the HoneyRock Center for Leadership Development, a campus of Wheaton College. In the Equestrian track, you will become immersed in the world of horses and equestrian training. With the beauty of the Northwoods surrounding you, you will participate in a variety of horsemanship activities such as arena classes, trail rides, and ground-training skills. The horse and rider relationship is a key metaphor used to discuss the spiritual life on Equestrian Passage. While involved in these experiences, you will form close friendships with your peers and leaders.

Here is a sample schedule for the Equestrian track. Students will spend 6+ hours a day at the barn and engage with the HoneyRock herd of 20+ horses.

Time Activity
7:15 Breakfast
8:00 Corporate Worship
9:00 Time at HoneyRock Barn: Ground and Arena Work
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Time at HoneyRock Barn: Trail Ride
5:00 Dinner
6:00 Discussion Groups
8:00 Free Time, Evening Campfire and S'mores
10:00 Head to Bed & Sleep

*Approximate schedule provided; subject to change.

Location, Accommodations, and Food for the Northwoods Site

Chrouser Center at HoneyRock


The Northwoods site is located in Three Lakes, Wisconsin at Wheaton's HoneyRock Center for Leadership Development.

camper cabin at honeyrock


Northwoods participants will sleep in 8-10 person cabins with modern men's and women's shower and bathroom facilities situated within easy walking distance from each cabin.

Student Fixing Salads in HoneyRock Kitchen


Meals are prepared by HoneyRock’s chef and kitchen team for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack. We accommodate medically based dietary restrictions so long as they are included in a student's registration.

Passage Registration Opens January 5, 2024 


Passage left me feeling confident, reassured and excited to be a Wheaton student. There were many times that I was astounded at all the genuine and loving fellow worshipers that would soon be by my side when we entered college — Evy Park '25