Transfer Passage

Transfer Passage offers a dynamic orientation opportunity for transfer students as they transition their enrollment to Wheaton College.  While not explicitly required, Transfer Passage is strongly recommended to form a supportive community with other transfer students for your Wheaton journey.

Transfer Passage aims to meet the specific needs of transfers coming to Wheaton College. We know that transferring during your undergraduate studies creates unique challenges. Transfer Passage provides the opportunity to get to know others who are transferring their enrollment to Wheaton College. Not only will we discuss the unique experience connected with transferring, but you will get to explore the world-class city of Chicago. 

Location, Accommodations, and Food for the Transfer Site

transfer location


Transfer Passage will be at the Harris Family Hostel located in the central loop area of downtown Chicago.

accommodations for transfer students


Transfers will stay in rooms with ensuite bathrooms along with 6-8 fellow transfer students.

walking along the lakeshore in chicago


Transfer Passage uses a creative strategy for meals that includes: packing lunches, catered meals, dining hall meals, and eating at local restaurants.  

Passage Registration Opens January 5, 2024 


The Transfer Track will take you right into the heart of the global city of Chicago. Transfers will participate in a range of urban experiences from kayaking to exploring public art and architecture and visiting neighborhoods representative of the richness of Chicago's ethnic diversity. With small groups of peers, you will engage multiple facets of the city, from the skyscraper-stacked lakefront to historic neighborhoods with multigenerational businesses, restaurants and communities, and a little bit of everything in between. Through the lens of Christian faith, you will engage topics like immigrant and refugee experiences, wealth and inequality, and flourishing in urban places as you form close friendships to start your Wheaton College experience. 

Sample Schedule for Transfer Passage

Time Activity
7:15 Breakfast & prepare Lunch
8:00 Travel to the Pilsen Neighborhood of Chicago
Morning Interact with exhibits at the National Museum of Mexican Art
11:30 Eat lunch and reflect on morning activities
1:30 Visit the Benito Juarez School Park, exploring the challenges and triumphs of Latino Culture in the Neighborhood
5:00 Find a street food vendor & sample some amazing Latin American cuisine
6:30 Travel back to accommodations
7:00 Discussion groups and reflection
8:30 Free Time in common areas
10:00 Head to bed & sleep

*Approximate schedule provided; subject to change.