About the Leaders

Who Leads Wheaton Passage?

In our Passage community, students, staff, and faculty come together to welcome new students to their new home at Wheaton.

Passage leaders group

Faculty Leaders

The transition to college involves a great deal of emotional, physical, and cognitive change. As a result, the Passage Orientation program prioritizes faculty involvement in leading experientially based small groups to foster relationships, facilitate course content and group discussions on spiritual formation, community, service and the life of the mind, and shepherd students through their adjustment to Wheaton.

Orientation Committee (OC)

The Orientation Committee (OC) is a team of 12 upperclass students who have the privilege of warmly welcoming new students to Wheaton.  They actively participate in the planning for Passage and coordinate all the details surrounding move-in, on campus programs, site engagement and many other supports that bolster new students in discovering their place within the Wheaton community during Passage.  They are committed to fostering radical hospitality for all new students as they begin their time at Wheaton College. 

Passage Leadership Team

The Wheaton Passage Orientation program is led by a collaborative team of educators comprised of Student Development professional staff and HoneyRock Center for Leadership Development professional staff along with an advisory committee of six faculty. Together this team shapes the mission, vision, and logistical support of Passage as well as the pedagogical and philosophical approach that undergirds the transition experience into Wheaton College.

Steve IvesterThrough his own educational experience as an undergraduate music major at Wheaton, Steve can attest that God used others, including faculty, mentors, and friends in powerful ways in the process of his own growth – it was nothing short of transforming for his faith and his worldview. As Dean for Student Engagement, he is committed to educating and equipping college students through relational ministry, program advising, and leadership development experiences that develop students’ identity, skills, knowledge, and attitudes to engage an increasingly interconnected world, to encounter Jesus Christ throughout all aspects of their life, and to graciously share their growth and faith in Christ with others.

Stephanie-Starr-HeadshotIn her role as Manager of Programs, Stephanie Starr supports Dean Steve Ivester and the Student Engagement department as a collaborative communications partner for various aspects of the Passage program by aligning the priorities of various stakeholders in order to deliver a seamless and meaningful experience for all participants. 



Meet the Wheaton Passage Program Director

Nate Thompson, Ph.D.

My greatest passion in life is facilitating the growth that comes through connecting individuals together as they interact with one another in God's creation. I have researched around the world to investigate how groups work together using team-building initiatives native to the adventure education disciple. The more I study community in creation, the deeper I grow in my fascination with God's power.

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OC-2023-for-placementThe Orientation Committee (OC) is a team of upperclass students who are given the privilege of warmly welcoming new students to Wheaton.  OC supports first year and transfer students in discovering their place within our community, developing new friendships, learning about academic expectations, exposure to campus resources, and forming a spiritual community together.  We can't wait to meet you in August!