Your First Passage Course

Core 131: Holistic Human Flourishing

Wheaton College Passage Orientation HoneyRock

Welcome to Your First Wheaton College Course!

Whether you are embarking on a Passage trip across the Midwest to the Boundary Waters of Minnesota, HoneyRock in Wisconsin, the City of Chicago in Illinois, or on-campus in Wheaton, you'll have the opportunity to forge friendships with other new students and earn your first college credit. Your first college course is called Holistic Human Flourishing. You'll get a vision for how to steward their time at Wheaton in a way that honors Christ and shapes the beginning of your Wheaton College journey.

Through this course reading and experience, you will explore the following four themes related to Holistic Human Flourishing:

  1.   Embodied Spirituality
  2.   Healthy Personal Habits
  3.   Healthy Interpersonal Habits
  4.   Goal setting for Holistic Flourishing

 To best prepare for your Passage experience, you are strongly encouraged to purchase the Passage Course Reader and read the content before your arrival to Wheaton College. If you are unable to read the content prior to the start of Passage, there will be time available on-site for reading.

As a reminder, this one-credit course is required for all first year and transfer Wheaton College students.

Purchase Your Passage Course Reader

The Passage Course Reader is available for purchase in mid July from the Wheaton College Bookstore. Please note that this is a newly published version of the Passage Course Reader; earlier editions will not be used for this year's course. 

For International and Learning and Accessibility Accommodation Students

An e-book version of “Holistic Human Flourishing” is available with purchase of the course reader at no additional charge for International (MK, TCK, and F-1 Visa) students and students with Learning and Accessibility accommodations to complete reading prior to arrival on campus. Due to the reduced use of technology on Passage sites, physical copies of the Passage course reader will be given to these students upon arrival to campus for use on Passage sites.

If you require a learning accommodation for this course reading, please contact Learning & Accessibility Services (LAS) at We value a student’s right to confidentiality–any information or supporting documentation submitted to LAS will be held in strict confidence.