Past Sites of the Honduras Project

The Honduras Project has worked in a different village in each year of its history. This page is part of an effort to chronicle the project's history and the people whose lives have been changed.

NOTE: As you can see, this section is still under development. We are still in the process of compiling the complete history of the project. If you were part of a past trip and have information, stories, or photographs to share, please contact us.

2018 El Caricillo Logan Robinson
2017  San Agustin Susan Lamb
2016  La Pedrosa  Kelly Ross 
2015  El Sinar and La Florida  Kelly Wilson 
2014  Maquingales  Jared Ellingsen 
2013  Los Cedros  Maddie Allen 
2012  Seales                     Emily Kertzman 
2011 Santa Rita Rebekah King
2010 Buena Vista Katherine McCullough
2009 San Ramón Blake Williamson
2008 Las Quebradas Kevin Befus
2007 Plan del Rosario and La Fortuna Stacey Maurer
2006 Las Brisas Tim Speace
2005 La Zarzalosa Jeremy Weber
2004 Las Vegas de Vera Cruz Gustave Warner
2003 Los Limones Eric Singley