Honduras Project

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Mission Statement

Honduras Project is a Christ-centered community that seeks to serve the Lord by encouraging, building relationships and working with the people of Honduras. This project exists because Christ first loved us and has called us to love him and to love others, and springs out of the belief that Christ's love is holistic and cares about physical needs as well as spiritual needs.


Honduras Project students with shovels in 1983In 1979, a powerful hurricane devastated the Dominican Republic, resulting in the loss of many lives and homes. Back in Wheaton, a group of college students spearheaded and organized a public-awareness campaign with the goal of helping to provide for our neighbors in the Dominican Republic. Students raised support and materials to provide the Dominican people with temporary shelter, clothing, and food rations.

This same spirit of compassion-in-action found its way to Honduras, and the Honduras Project officially began at Wheaton College in 1982. Each year since, a group of students has gone to a different rural village in the mountains of Honduras to help install a gravity-fed water system and to share the love of Christ incarnationally.

The project has evolved, with the addition of a children's ministry and later a women's ministry, and will likely continue to do so. Likewise, since the project is student-led, leadership and membership has continually changed, but the heart and mission has remained the same.

More information about past trips can be found on the Sites page.


Since the Honduras Project is a student-led organization, we only operate during the school year. If you would like to reach us between the months of May and August, please contact us via email.

Phone 630.752.5988
Address Honduras Project
501 College Ave
Wheaton, IL 60187
Email honduras.project@my.wheaton.edu

Work Projects

If you would like to contact the Honduras Project regarding Fall work projects, call our office phone (630.752.5998). Between September and May, messages are checked regularly and the Work Project Coordinator will call you back as soon as possible.

Honduras Project roatan team 1983
Giving to the Project

Thanks to the Lord’s generous provision through donations, we have raised about $81,000 of our estimated budget of $105,000. Part of the reasoning for this years higher budget is the added cost of the alumni event. As such, we invite you to consider partnering with our mission through donating to the Honduras Project.