Ministry Teams

Teams that Serve

We provide ministry leadership and volunteer experiences for students that

  • Advocate for the marginalized
  • Provide justice for the oppressed
  • Declare the salvation of Christ

The Ministry and Evangelism staff are always looking to support creative and innovative ministry ideas. If you are interested in discussing the process to form a new Ministry Team reach out to the M&E staff for more information.

Find out more about these current Ministry Teams

Exists to encourage women to pursue a deeper relationship with Christ by remaining steadfast in Him, connecting diligently with their community, and serving the Kingdom wholeheartedly.

Lead middle and high school students to be equipped to minister to their peers.

Raises awareness about food insecurity and develops sustainable agriculture on our campus.

Honduras Project is a dedicated, tight-knit team partnering with local and global communities, empowering them and demonstrating Christ’s holistic love by serving physical needs as well as spiritual needs. They spend a week in Honduras helping build a water well for a community.

IJM is a global organization that partners with local justice systems to end violence against those living in poverty

JJM brings college students into youth correctional facilities for mentoring and discipleship.

Coordinates tutoring opportunities in the community.

Minister to high school students in the community through a fun, evangelistic ministry.

WCF raises awareness for the global church and prays for missionaries around the world.

Advocates for the rights of the unborn

cultivates a community of dancers that is centered on the Word of God, celebrates unity and diversity, and provides a safe and honest space for worship.