Supporting the Honduras Project

The Honduras Project operates year-to-year because of the support of friends, family, and HP alumni. There are two ways you can help support the project: through prayer and through giving.

Please Pray for the Honduras Project

We believe that prayer is absolutely essential to the success of the project. Prayer is an integral part of the team's preparation throughout the year and the most important aspect of our send-off before Spring Break. We recognize that we cannot have any spiritual impact without the working of the Holy Spirit. Even the day-to-day logistical aspects of the project are dependent on the grace of God. We invite you to keep the Honduras Project in your prayers. Here are some specific areas where your prayers can make a difference:

  • continued peace following the recent political turmoil in Honduras
  • that we would be good stewards of the project and that we would be ever aware of the responsibilities that accompany servanthood
  • for Arnoldo and Maria Elena Alvarez as they plan and prepare for this year's project
  • that the Lord would provide the funding necessary to continue the work He is doing through Honduras Project
  • that the Holy Spirit would guide the selection process of next year's team and village

Giving to the Project

The Honduras Project is funded entirely by raised support. Funds are raised communally rather than individually. These funds come from two sources: work projects and donations.

During the Fall, team members participate in local work projects to raise money, generally covering transportation and lodging costs. By the time of the first snow, we are experts at raking leaves, cleaning gutters, and washing windows. In addition to raising funds, these work projects also serve to develop community within the team and to build solidarity with the Hondurans, giving up our Saturday mornings and afternoons to join them in manual labor.

The rest of the funds come from donations. The money raised by donations pays for the gravity-fed water system that will be installed in the village. You can learn more about how to donate .

Learn More about Giving