Passcodes and Waiting Rooms in Zoom, Oh My!

Posted October 21, 2020 by Academic and Institutional Technology
Tags: Department News

Passcodes and Waiting Rooms in Zoom, Oh My!

Zoom recently made some updates to help keep Zoom users safe.  As a result, every Zoom meeting now requires a passcode.  If the meeting does NOT have a passcode, then Waiting Rooms will be activated.  If the Waiting Room is activated, the host needs to keep an eye out for people trying to get in so that he/she can let the new people into the room.  It is also possible to customize the Waiting Room so people with and email addresses can get straight in.  You can also add a co-host or alternate host for your meeting

You should not notice much of a change, but we did want to alert you.  Zoom implemented these updates to increase security and it is good to know that only invited participants can access our meetings going forward. 

You can read more about this change here

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