Six-Year Refresh Cycle Approved!

Posted March 20, 2019 by Academic and Institutional Technology
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Six-Year Refresh Cycle Approved!

Effective Date: March 20, 2019

We are happy to report that by working with TIR and other key stakeholders across campus we have been able to develop a plan that will update the technology in classrooms every six years!  While not the idea the Strategic Planning Group had presented in early 2018 to replace the campus technology to industry standards every five years, this demonstrates that the College recognizes the importance of moving toward having technology that supports learning in every classroom.  This currently revised plan is a step in the right direction.  

The price of some equipment has come down, as is typical in this industry, so we have been able to find cost savings.  We will continue to work with faculty to upgrade twenty-five classrooms each year.  Once we have identified which classrooms will be upgraded, AIT will meet with the frequent users of those rooms for input.  In some cases, we are simply replacing the current technology with “like for like.”  In other instances, we may be installing new equipment that the room did not yet have. 

We will keep looking for ways to get the money necessary to build classrooms that meet the needs and expectations of students and that are refreshed every five years.  We are also continuing to work with administration to identify funding for the other non-classroom event spaces (used for co-curricular activities and other meetings) on the campus.

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