Academic Technology Grant Winners

Posted April 26, 2018 by Academic and Institutional Technology
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Academic Technology Grant Winners

The Wheaton College Academic Technology Grant typically provides between $30,000 and $50,000 in support of faculty initiatives that strengthen teaching and advance faculty research. This program is designed to offer a supplementary source of funds to allow enhanced use of technology in teaching and learning. 

Proposals should further the College’s strategic plan and support the development of methods of instruction that use technology or require specialized software and equipment. Faculty may also request research software that is related to their specific discipline with the goal of enhancing the student educational experience.

2017-18 Grant Winners

Initial Grant proposals received by the October 15 deadline are awarded in the fall. Any remaining funds are distributed in the spring for grant submissions received by February 15.

Technology Tools for the New Religion and Health Research Lab - $2,860

Vitaliy Voytenko, Psy. D | Psychology 

The proposal will support the technology needs of the new Religion and Health Research Lab, which was launched in August 2017. This grant will fund the purchase of a wireless LCD projector and two tablet computers.

iPad Pros and Apple Pencils for Music Classes - $2,814 

Shawn E. Okpebholo and Dr. David M. Gordon | Conservatory of Music

This award will fund the purchase of two iPad Pros and Apple Pencils. This purchase will encourage a flexible, effective, efficient, and diverse teaching environment in the Conservatory. 

Data Analysis Software for Sociology Research Projects - $1,590

Henry Kim | Sociology 

This award funds the purchase of quantitative and qualitative data analysis software that will be accessible to Sociology students and faculty participating in research initiatives.

Faith and Disability Think Tank at Wheaton College - $1,400

Thomas Boehm and Mrs. Theresa Ferguson | Education

This proposal will fund two hosted events that will serve to launch a new Faith and Disability Think Tank at Wheaton College. These gatherings will serve to fulfill an increased interest in the intersection of faith and disability. 

Apple TV Sets for Physics Classrooms - $447

Dr. Heather M. Whitney, Dr. Rhiannon Blaauw, and Dr. AJ Poelarends | Physics; Dr. David Hsu | Physics and Engineering

This award will fund the purchase of three Apple TV sets for the main instructional rooms in the Physics Department (Meyer 335, 357, 371). This will improve the connectivity of Apple devices in classrooms for faculty, students, and guests.

Large Screen TVs for the New Digital Media Studio - $3,500 

Joonhee Park | Art and Communication

This award will fund the purchase of two large screen TVs with stands for the newly renovated Digital Media Studio in Adams Hall. This will enhance the learning experience of students and promote the high production quality in the Digital Media Studio.

iPad for Leading Tours at the Art Institute of Chicago - $1,024.30

Matthew J. Milliner | Art

This award will fund the purchase of a 12.5" iPad Pro. The iPad will be used for showing comparative material alongside tours through the Art Institute of Chicago, as well as training Art History majors to lead their own tours.

iPad Pro and Apple Pencil for Biology Classes - $1,364

Nathaniel Thom | Biology

This award will fund the purchase of an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. This purchase will promote an integrative classroom environment that will reach students with different learning styles.

To learn more about the Wheaton College Academic Technology Grant, visit this page on our website.