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New Reporting Tool for Qualtrics

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In response to numerous requests from faculty, we recently upgraded our site license of Qualtrics to include Stats iQ, a new, more powerful, reporting tool. Read More

Six-Year Refresh Cycle Approved!

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We are happy to report that by working with TIR and other key stakeholders across campus we have been able to develop a plan that will update the technology in classrooms every six years! Read More

Good bye, Who’s Who! Hello, Wheaton Directory!

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As you know, in partnership with Marketing Communications (MarComm), we recently retired “Who’s Who” and replaced it with the Wheaton Directory. The Wheaton Directory has several advantages that Who’s Who was missing. Read More

What are Data Stewards?

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According to our Data Classification Policy, “Data Stewards are the individuals, roles, or committees with primary responsibility for information assets. They are responsible for identifying the institution’s information assets under their areas... Read More

Improving StarRez for Summer Students

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Over the course of the last few months, we have been looking into expanding StarRez so that it can also be used to help with Event Services, summer conferences, and students studying on campus during the summer. Read More