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Things I Have Learned in 25 Years at Wheaton College

Reflections on teaching, presented to the Wheaton College Board of Trustees, May 2009. (PDF)

Beauty and The Beast:  Reflections from the Performer’s Studio

Thoughts about beauty and the performance of music, presented at the 2006 Wheaton College Theology Conference. (PDF)

The Performer’s Work and World:  Musical Reflections on Creation, Incarnation, and Re-Creation

A 1991 essay submitted in fulfillment of Wheaton’s faculty program for the integration of faith and learning, this includes thoughts about problems of interpretation, the multi-faceted roles of performance in musical culture, and musings about the place of the performer in an academic setting. (PDF)

Piano studio syllabus (2016-2017)


Scale fingerings


Arpeggio fingerings


Double-thirds fingerings


Double-sixth fingerings


Bio (longer and shorter versions)

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