Iron Sharpens Iron 2010

The 2010 trip traveled through Eastern and Western Europe and visited several cities in the region.

Iron Sharpens Iron 2010 in Europe

The study abroad experience included 30 site visits across Eastern and Western Europe. Students visited prominent corporations such as: Caterpillar (USA); Velti International Marketing Group (UK); BATS Trading Group: Commodity Trading Firm (UK); European Commission (Brussels); John Deere (Mannheim, Germany); Environmental Commission (Brussels); Zentis Confectioners (Rolduc); Flora Holland Flower Auction, (Amsterdam); Kohl University (Rolduc); Leverskusen (Rolduc); European Central Bank (Prague); CSOB Bank (Prague); Skoda Auto Assembly Plant (Prague); Movie Production Company (Prague); Ministry of Culture (Prague); Czech Government Offices (Frydlant, CZ); Foundry in Frydland (Bratislava); Zilina Nonprofit Management (Bratislava); Integra Ventures/ Women at Risk (Bratislava).

Student projects were also a crucial component of the learning experience. “The program gave students an opportunity to interact with European Policy makers and business people who work in the context of an integrated Europe,” said Professor Sandra Joireman. “Students saw a variety of business models, spoke with politicians, and heard academic commentary on politics and economic context of the countries we visited.” These interactions enabled the students to conduct quality research and deliver excellent projects and papers.

The atmosphere of the learning environment contributed greatly to the overall impact of the issues being studied. “I learned what is important in business. Business is not all about profits; it’s about the people that are impacted by the business's activities. Businesses provide a livelihood to its employees and help provide for their families. Businesses provide valuable services and products to its customers. Essentially, those in business need to remember it’s not all about them or those who have the most invested in the company. They need to remember that many, many more people are impacted by their decisions,” said Joshua Walker.