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Wheaton By the Numbers


  • Approximately 2,400 undergraduates, 500 graduate students
  • 56% female, 44% male (degree seeking undergraduates)
  • 23% of all degree seeking students are American ethnic minority students; an additional 3% are non-resident aliens. 5% of degree seeking students are MK (Missionary Kids)  and 4% are TCK (Third Culture Kids) 
  • From 50 states, 43 countries and 55+ church denominations
  • 73% of degree seeking undergraduates are from out of state (excludes international students)
  • Approximately 90% of undergraduate students (100% of freshmen) live on campus

Finances (2021-2022)

  • Undergraduate tuition: $40,570; room and board: $11,100
  • Graduate: $754 per credit hour, $1,190 for Psy.D. students, $1,000 for Ph.D. students
  • More than $33 million in scholarships and grants is awarded annually to students (includes federal, state, and institutional sources)
  • Federal Pell grants, FSEOG, state, and institutional grants and scholarships are available
  • 22% of enrolled, full-time students were Pell Grant recipients
  • 83% of undergraduate students received scholarships and grants in 2020-2021
  • 71% of undergraduates were offered loans in 2020-21; about 44% accepted
  • Music, ROTC, and multicultural student scholarships are available.
  • Visit Student Financial Services and Undergraduate Financial Aid 101 for more information

Graduation Rates

The following are 6-year graduation rates disaggregated by category for most recent year available.

Students first enrolled in the Fall 2014 semester:

  • All Students - 88%
  • Men: 85%
  • Women: 90%
  • Non Resident Aliens - 88%
  • Hispanic/Latino - 80%
  • Asian - 89%
  • Black/African American - 79%
  • White - 89%
  • Two or more races - 88%
  • Recipients of a Federal Pell Grant: 89%
  • Recipients of a subsidized Stafford Loan who did not receive a Pell Grant: 86%
  • Students who did not receive either a Pell Grant or subsidized Stafford Loan: 88%

Residence Life

Wheaton College is intentionally residential for undergraduate students and is a prominent component of the Wheaton experience. Approximately 88% of students live on campus. Two residence halls house first and second year students. Williston Hall houses only second and third year students. McManis-Evans houses second, third, and fourth year students. Third and fourth year students may apply to live in one of 14 college-owned apartment buildings or in one of the 26 college-owned houses. Undergraduates may live off campus if living with their parents, spouse, or enrolled part-time, HNGR intern, or are 5th year students or are 3rd or 4th year engineering or nursing majors. A limited number of seniors may be granted off-campus permission through the spring housing selection process if Wheaton College determines it does not have on-campus capacity for the entire student body. Off-Campus permission is granted through the housing selection process in the spring. Limited graduate housing is available for international students who are either single or married, as well as married undergraduate students.