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Smith-Traber Hall


Smith and Traber rooms are situated around a floor lounge and central bathroom which enhance the sense of community among residents. Smith features five floors of women's rooms configured as two-person doubles with the option of converting to four-person suites. Smith was built in 1961 and fully renovated in 1997. Traber features six floors of men's rooms configured as two-person doubles. It was built in 1970 and fully renovated in 1997. Smith and Traber share all common areas and lobby spaces.

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Hear from the Graduate Resident Adviser of Smith-Traber.

Each room is equipped with:

  • a 36" x 80" extra long mattress for each student
  • one bulletin board
  • six electrical outlets
  • one internet port per student ( IT Services website
  •  RT London modular furniture system that offers different lofting configurations depending on the size and space of the room
  • air conditioning/forced air heat in each room
  • one wardrobe per student (Smith) or one closet per student with hinged outward folding doors (Traber)
  • one desk chair per student
  • a wastebasket
  • miniblinds
  • carpet
  • mirror
  • one towel bar or hook per student

General information:

  • Average number of students per floor: 32 (Smith); 40 (Traber)
  • Room dimension: 16' x 11.5' (Smith); 12' x 17.5' (Traber)
  • Window dimension: 50" x 73" (Smith); 50" x 86" (Traber)
  • Wardrobe dimensions (Smith): 22" depth x 40.5" width
  • Closet dimensions (Traber): 22" depth x 47.5" width
  • The bed height is 9 inches off of the ground allowing some storage underneath.
  • A central bathroom is located on each floor.
  • A central laundry room is shared by the entire building.
  • Laundry room is equipped with an ironing board. (Traber floor lounges are also equipped with an ironing board.)
  • Limited summer storage is available.
  • Limited indoor bike storage is available.
  • Outdoor bike racks are available during the academic year.
  • One vacuum is located on each floor.
  • Smith-Traber contains a hall kitchen shared by the entire building, which includes two stoves, a refrigerator, microwave and minimal cooking utensils.
  • Also shared by the entire building are foosball/pool/ping pong tables, a copy machine, a Prayer Chapel, Quiet Study Room, 24-hour computer lab, conference room, and community TV lounge. Wireless internet is available in the main lobby.