Ellucian User Group (eUG)


The mission of the Wheaton College Ellucian User Group (eUG) is to provide a forum for its members to exchange information, address core business needs, promote process efficiencies, review and enhance integrations between Ellucian solutions, evaluate solutions and establish a strong return-on-investment in Ellucian’s suite of products. The eUG is responsible for establishing objectives, discussing reporting and analytics, analyzing data usage, developing an annual roadmap and setting product implementation priorities that support the mission of Wheaton College. 


  1. Gain a better understanding of the Ellucian ecosystems of products and services to promote efficient product use and maximize our investment throughout the college.
  2. To work together to coordinate system testing and upgrades so that the workload within the Enterprise Applications team is manageable.
  3. Discuss and evaluate Analytics and Reporting products including Cognos Analytics, Ellucian Analytics (Recruit, Advance), Operational Data Store (ODS), Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), and MS Access to promote informed decisions.
  4. Evaluate new and existing Ellucian and strategic partner products to promote efficiencies, reduce redundant processes and eliminate outdated manual processes by implementing industry standard practices where possible.
  5. Increase awareness of how different Ellucian products work individually and collectively to gain a better understanding of how these systems integrate together.
  6. Network with other Ellucian institutions to share ideas, develop partnerships, and actively work with Ellucian and their strategic partners to improve their products and services.
  7. Gain a better understanding of the Ellucian Ethos integration platform to maximize the ability to seamlessly share information between Ethos-enabled applications.
  8. Increase awareness of support provided by Ellucian (eCommunities, training resources, review committees, etc.) to increase knowledge and understanding to better utilize Ellucian products.
  9. Discuss best practices for new process implementation (Banner 9, Banner Web/portal strategy, self-service, CRM solutions, etc.) to smoothly introduce functionality and reduce potential service interruptions.
  10. Discuss and make recommendations concerning the structure of shared data elements required for reporting or business processes for multiple units (e.g. standards for department names and abbreviations).

Team Members (Fiscal Year 2019)

  • Connie Mixter, HR, Co-chair
  • Wendy Woodward, Chief Information and Campus Services Officer, Co-chair
  • John Barger, Graduate Admissions
  • Eric Durbin, Undergraduate Admissions
  • Carlos Garcia, Controller
  • Brad Garling, Student Financial Services
  • Christopher Huang, Registrar
  • Gary Larson, Institutional Research
  • Satheesh Medharametla, Accounting
  • Kim Morrison, AIT
  • Keith Olsen, AIT
  • Mary Ratliff, Advancement
  • Donna Rourke, Academic Records
  • Craig Williams, AIT
  • Pete Yan, Student Financial Services

Operating Principles

Meetings held six weeks or as determined by the Committee.