Digital Assets Coordination Committee (Inactive)

The Digital Assets Coordination Committee at Wheaton College provides oversight and sets priorities for the adoption and integration of the College’s Digital Assets Management System.

The Digital Coordination Committee is a Technology @ Wheaton Governance advisory committee.


A business leader who is involved with digital archival technology solutions and Director of Enterprise Applications serve as co-chairs. The Committee receives input from the following campus groups:

  • Library Archives
  • Marketing and Communications
  • The Conservatory of Music
  • Student Activities Office


  1. Identify and approve priorities and procedures for the safeguard and conservation of the College's digital assets.
  2. Promote a consistent and efficient set of workflows for the cataloging, storage and distribution of media assets in accordance with the college´s mission and vision.
  3. Establish a clear set of functions and responsibilities for every person involved in the cataloging, preservation, publication and distribution of digital assets both across campus and across the world as the case may be.
  4. Develop and expand existing integrations between Extensis Portfolio and other enterprise applications and campus systems by providing a common access point to digital assets across system boundaries.
  5. Develop and expand existing digital asset integrations between departments by providing a common access point to digital assets across functional boundaries.
  6. Evaluate and approve the deployment of new releases of Extensis Portfolio for Wheaton College.
  7. Identify and work to resolve the escalation of issues which span departmental or divisional boundaries.
  8. Champion effective information and IT security measures, policies and practices to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the College's digital assets.

Operating Principles

Meetings are held every other month, or as determined by the committee.

Team Members (Fiscal Year 2016)

  • David Malone, Library Archives, co-chair
  • Craig Williams, Academic and Institutional Technology, co-chair
  • Craig Taylor, Marketing Communications
  • Carlos Astorga, Academic and Institutional Technology
  • Barb Nussbaum, Student Activities Office
  • Sharon Wright, Conservatory of the Arts
  • Jeffrey Mudge, Library
  • Bruce Knowlton, Academic and Institutional Technology