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General Information

Services that are Available

The College Post Office offers sealing, metering, certified / return receipt mail, express mail & parcel service with USPS.  All other services (including tracking) are not provided at this time.

Deadlines for Off-Campus Mail

The following off-campus mail deadlines Monday through Friday:

  • All outgoing letters and packages 3:30pm
  • Certified / Return Receipt 11:00am
  • International Mail with Customs forms by 11:00am

Note - In order to meet the deadlines, mail must be delivered to CPO by 3:30pm. If you miss the cutoff time, your material will be sent out the next business day.

CPO Orientation Program

When you have a new employee (or if you need a refresher), we offer an orientation of CPO and areas that affect you specifically. Please contact us to make an appointment (x5083). We find that it is much easier to understand the system if you can experience it and see how we operate.