CPO Forwarding

How do I Check-Out of Out of CPO?

What Does CPO Forward?

  • All first class letters will be forwarded to the forwarding address you provide. For mailing addresses outside the US, forwarding services work. If you are in a country that can not receive mail, we return the mail to sender.

What is NOT Forwarded?

  • Junk Mail is Not Forwarded. This typically includes news letters, catalogs, and ad mail.

  • Magazines are NOT Forwarded. Received magazines are recycled. Update magazine subscriptions with the magazine company.

  • Packages are NOT Forwarded. See package options below.

CPO Package Options

  1. If you know someone who stayed/lives in the Wheaton area, you could have them pick up the package for you (e-mail: cpo@wheaton.edu to give CPO the permission for the person to pick up your package).

  2. Make a label on usps.com or other mailing service. Once you make and pay for the label you can email cpo@wheaton.edu the label, we can then place the label on the package and send it out for you.

  3. Initiate a return with the company that sent you the package originally. You can then e-mail cpo@wheaton.edu any Prepaid label that is provided to you. We can not accept QR codes intended for Drop-Off in a store (i.e. Kohl or UPS) or Labels requiring Postage.

  4. We can Return the package to Sender. No tracking will be available with this option. Contact company for details about refunds.


CPO will hold a package for 1 week before returning it, to allow for the options above.

Any packages left at CPO will be returned to sender.