New Students

Welcome to the Wheaton College Post Office (CPO)! Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions from new students and their parents.

Q. When will I receive my CPO assignment?

A. CPO assignments will be emailed by July 31st.

Q. How do I use my Combo?

A. CPO Combo Instructions

Q. When can I send my books and belongings?

A. CPO will not hold anything until August 15th (1.5 weeks before classes begin). Students that are arriving early should plan to have things arrive once they are on campus to avoid taking up much needed CPO Shelf Space.

Q. Can I order a futon or a bike and have it sent to CPO?

A. Absolutely! But please know, whatever you have sent to CPO, the student is responsible to get it from CPO to their room. CPO does not have any loaner carts, but, it's a great way to make new friends!

Q. When is the best time to place online orders and send boxes from home?

A. We suggest placing orders and mailing items no more than 5 business days before you arrive on campus.

Q. What if my packages arrive early (before August 15th)?

A. Anything that arrives before August 15th will be returned. If it was unexpected, email and let us know ASAP!

Q. How will I know when my Package is ready for pick up at CPO?

A. CPO will send you a text/email letting you know once the package has been processed and ready to pick up.

Q. I am not receiving emails or texts!

A. Email and tell us your correct email or cell # so, that we can update our info.

Q. I received a message that my package is here from the company/carrier, why haven't I received a notification from CPO yet?

A. CPO receives up to 1200 packages a day(during busy times)! Please be patient, we are processing them  as quickly as possible. Thank you for understanding.

Q. How do I get my package once I arrive on campus?

A. Once you receive a text/email from CPO saying your package is ready, you can stop by CPO to pick it up.

Q. I am unable to pick up my package. Can someone pick it up for me?

A. Yes, please look here for how to have someone pick up your packages.

Q. How do I Check-In to CPO?

A. You should receive an email from CPO with a Check-In link.

Q. What happens when I Check – In via the emailed link?

A. You will receive an email from CPO that includes your CPO # and Combo information (email times vary, please be patient).

Q. Why do I have to Check-In?

A. New and returning students must check-in:

  • so that we know you are here!
  • so that you can receive your CPO Combo!
  • To begin receiving mail/pacakges
  • To provide contact info for perishable items and CPO Box Issues!

Q. How do I address my letters and packages?

A. Here is the information on addressing letters and packages.

Q. I live in a house/apt, can I have my packages sent there?

A. NO. For the safety of students, and due to outside delivery service policies we do not allow deliveries to house/apt addresses. Addressing your packages to your house/apt can lead to your package being returned to send. To avoid this, please always address your package with the 501 College address and your CPO #.

Q. Can I order Groceries to my dorm, apt, house?

A. No. All deliveries must come through CPO. Please pay attention to your delivery time carefully. CPO often receives Amazon Fresh, without a name or CPO. Please email CPO, if you are getting Walmart, or Amazon Fresh groceries. Include your name, CPO, and delivery window. This will help us notify you of your Groceries as soon as possible.

Q. I forgot/lost my COMBO already!!!

A. Check your email for your combo, or complete your online check - in again.

Q. Where do I send packages and letters from?

A. Mailing Options.

Q. The question I have isn’t here!?

A. Email CPO!