Package Options

Always email CPO, your name, ID # and CPO # for all options.

  1. Friend or family may pick up the package for you. Forward the email from CPO to the person you are asking to pick up. Copy CPO to the email and include your name and ID. This will show us that you are giving permission for your package to be picked up by the person emailed. We will ask for the email when the package is picked up.  
  2. You could try to make a label on or Once you make and pay for the label you can email the label, we can then place the label on the package and send it out for you. (Most recommended)
  3. Try to initiate a return with the company (ex. Amazon) that sent you the package originally. You can then email any Prepaid label (USPS, UPS) that is provided to you.
    We are unable to do QR codes intended for Drop Off - off campus (i.e. Kohls or FedEx). We can place things in the Amazon Locker for you with a provided code.
  4. We can Return the package to Sender. No tracking will be available with this option. Contact company for details about refunds. (least recommended)


** Typically, we will hold a package for 1 week before returning it to allow for the options above. Any packages left at CPO will be returned to sender. **