Faculty and Staff

Some of the most commonly requested information for staff and faculty from the College Post Office at Wheaton College - Wheaton, IL.

Q: Can I send personal stuff out through CPO?

A: Yes, we can take prepaid letters and packages at the CPO window. We do not offer postage at this time.

Q: How do I make sure my letters and packages arrive to me on campus?

A: Do not use Room/Floor/Building information. Please use the following example:

Full Name


501 College Ave

Wheaton, IL  60187

Q: Do I need an appointment to drop off mail at CPO?

         A: No, if you need to drop off mail, you may do so without an appointment any time between 9am – 2pm. Enter through the dock entrance of CPO and drop off on the back table. Be sure to include department name or account number on every piece of outgoing mail.


 Q: I have an email that says my package has arrived! When will I receive it?

A: We process mail/packages throughout the day. During the months of August and September, processing time is slower due to increased volume. If you do not receive your package during mail pick-up or route delivery, email cpo@wheaton.edu. Include name, department, and tracking number. This will allow CPO to check for issues or delays.

Q: How do I prepare my mail for processing at CPO?

A: Make sure that your envelopes are all addressed properly and have a Wheaton College return address.  Please include a department name or Postal account number on every piece of mail.  Self-sealing envelopes should be sealed before sending them to CPO. Unsealed letters should have their flaps open and overlapping like this: 7777

Mail should be separated accordingly: On campus mail, domestic mail, international mail, prestamped mail. We suggest using paperclips or rubber bands when possible.

Q: I need more inter-office mailers!  How do I get them?

A: To request additional Inter-office Mailers call CPO at x5083 or send an email to CPO@wheaton.edu.  State your name and department and how many mailers you need.  We will send those out to you on the next route.