Frequently Asked Questions

Before you walk all the way to CPO, or before you e-mail or call with a question, check this list of some of the most common questions fielded by the CPO staff.

For new students and their parents

Q. Can students send mail to CPO before school begins?

A. Yes, but CPO will not begin holding mail/packages until - 1.5 weeks before classes begin. Anything arriving sooner, will be returned.

Q. How do I correctly address the mail that is sent to Wheaton College?

A. We have information on addressing letters and packages.

A. Nothing should be mailed until you receive your CPO assignment.

Q. How do I get my Combo?

A. You must check-in online (please wait for your check-in email). Complete the online form. Once it is complete you will receive an email (this can take several hours, please be patient) with your combo.

Q. How do I get my packages once I've arrived on campus.?

A. CPO will send you an email/text letting you know your package is ready.

Q. Amazon/UPS/FedEX says my package has arrived, can I come to CPO and pick it up?

A. No, please always wait for an email/text from CPO before coming to pick up your packages. We receive several hundred packages each day, and it takes some time for us to process everything.The new package system CPO is using is GREAT, because it lets you know the minute your package is ready for pick up at CPO.

Q. I can't pick up my package, can I have someone pick up for me?

A. Yes, please forward your package email to and copy the person you would like to pick up the package for you. Please be sure to provide your name, ID#, and who you are giving permission to pick up your package. Please note, this is required for each package any time you email permission.  This helps us be sure we are giving your packages to the correct person.

Q. Can I send mail/packages from CPO?

A. Yes and No.

  • Yes - Prepaid USPS (Post Office), and UPS Packages that are taped up and ready to go can be dropped off at the CPO Window.
  • YES - Letters with stamps can be dropped off in the CPO Drop Box!
  • No - Packages or Letters without postage. FedEx or other carriers can not be dropped off at the CPO Window. Information for off-campus options.

Q. Does CPO do money orders or passport services?

A. No

Q. Can I send cash through CPO?

A. No. We strongly discourage anyone from ever sending cash through CPO.

Q. Does CPO forward magazines?

A. No, please be sure to change your address with the magazine before leaving campus.

Other Questions

Q. If I leave campus due to summer break, withdrawal, medical, etc, do I need to notify CPO?

A. Absolutely YES! If you will be gone more then 2 weeks, your CPO Box must be closed. Please head here to    properly check - out of CPO. Check - out is not needed for Fall or Winter Break.

Q. When I leave campus, what happens to my mail and packages?

A. We have answers for you.

Q. What are the options for packages?

A. We have information for you.

Q. Does it cost anything to send a letter/package from one CPO box to another on campus?

A. No, it is free to send mail to one another on campus.

Q. Does CPO provide tape and packaging?

A. CPO does not provide tape or packaging. Both items can be found at the Campus Store.

Q. I realized my package has the wrong Name/CPO #, what should I do?

A. E-mail ASAP, let us know that something went wrong!