Kathryn Jancaus '18

Major: Music History and Literature, with minor in Mandarin Chinese

Extracurricular Activities: Symphonic Band and Symphony Orchestra 

Favorite Wheaton professor and why: It’s hard to choose! I will say Rose Wang of the Modern and Classical Languages department because of her gift for teaching and her sincere care for students. 

Why you came to Wheaton: I was looking for colleges that had good programs in both music and the liberal arts, and Wheaton fit that description. Another deciding factor was the people; I visited with professors and students and got the sense that this is a community that really loves and cares about people. 

Favorite quote: My high school band director would recite the motivating quote, “What’s the best way to eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”

Post: " Spring Break at HoneyRock: Africa Immersion Week"