Note-Taking Services

LAS recruits and assigns note-takers for students with an approved note-taking accommodation.

Submitting Notes

Students who serve as peer note-takers should submit notes through the Note-taker Dropoff Portal

Note-takers will be prompted to enter the following:

  1. Username: Wheaton College email address
  2. Course: Course code and section number (e.g. CHEM 235 1)

Peer Note-Taker Responsibilities

A Peer Note-taker:

  1. Has strong, comprehensive note-taking skills that cover the main points of an in-class lecture
  2. Attends class regularly
  3. Uploads notes within 24 hours of the scheduled class
  4. Has legible handwriting (if notes are taken by hand)
  5. Takes the responsibility to ask for notes from another student in the class and upload the notes within 24 hours if the note-taker is unable to attend class

 General Guidelines

  • Label notes with the date, course name, and professor
  • Explain (in first set of notes or description) any symbols or abbreviations used
  • Convey the message and content of information as clearly as possible in the way it was intended

Formatting Notes

Typed Notes

  • Font: Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri: size 11-12 point
  • Uploaded as a PDF or Word document

Handwritten Notes

  • Handwriting must be clear and legible
  • Write on only one side of each page
  • Scanned with CamScanner and uploaded

If the file for a set of notes is too large for the portal to upload, please upload in clearly labeled parts


Download CamScanner from the app store and open the app

  1. Click on the camera
  2. Switch it from single to batch at the bottom of the screen (to take pictures of multiple pages)
  3. Take a picture of each of the pages and click finish when you’re done taking all of the pictures
  4. Edit any of the individual pictures to make them clearer
  5. Click the check mark in the upper right hand corner to confirm that they are ready to send
  6. Email them to yourself and then submit the file