Introducing MIOT

Posted April 7, 2021 by Academic and Institutional Technology
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Introducing MIOT

To simplify our technology ecosystem and maximize the value of software products we are already paying for, we need to retire some of our existing systems and make full use of other features in the Microsoft O365 suite of products. We have put together the Microsoft 365 Investment Optimization Team (MIOT) to help us identify and respond to major issues and concerns, so that we can have a successful transition. Specifically, we will be: 

  1. Moving from our Cisco Voice-over-IP telephone system to the Microsoft Teams communication platform by June 2021. Many of us have experienced how effective these software-enabled communication services can be. As part of this transition, we will also review where we need to keep on-desk telephones.
  2. Replacing Proofpoint and Malwarebytes with Microsoft Defender by the end of this fiscal year. Your email and computers will continue to be protected, just with different software.
  3. Expanding the use of the Microsoft Teams video conferencing platform to replace paid Zoom licenses on campus. Gartner has determined that Microsoft Teams is rapidly catching up and, in some cases, surpassing Zoom functionality. This transition will be completed by the end of June 2021. 
  4. Moving the student account domain from Google to Microsoft O365 (the same environment faculty and staff use). This transition date has yet to be determined. 
  5. Retiring Box in favor of Microsoft OneDrive by June 2022. We will work with MIOT to develop a data transfer plan as the date approaches, so please continue to use Box as you normally would until announced otherwise.

Over the next few months MIOT will:  

  1. Work to learn the major features and functionality of each tool.
  2. Compare those features and functions to our current solution.
  3. Identify ways to transition to the new solution. 
  4. Recognize, document, and communicate areas where services will be different or unavailable. 
  5. Serve as subject matter experts within their realm of influence throughout the transition process. 
  6. Advise AIT on how to effectively facilitate this transition.

The members of MIOT will test the new technology, watch training videos, research other colleges’ best practices, review communication and training materials, and communicate important information within their realms of influence as it becomes available. 

Below is the list of MIOT members.  Feel free to reach out to any of them with questions, concerns, or ideas. In addition, you can always contact us at or call 630.752.4357 (HELP).