Lock Your Device

Posted December 18, 2020 by Academic and Institutional Technology
Tags: Department News

Lock Your Device

If you have a smart phone, then you’re probably familiar with locking your device.  This is a great habit to develop.  You should have your phone lock when it’s not in use (after one minute or five or however long you choose) and you should not share your phone’s password with anyone.

But did you know you can also lock your computer?  Your laptop or desktop computer can (and should) be locked when you are away from your desk.  On a Windows computer you can lock it really quickly by simply holding down the “Windows” button and “L” at the same time.  Then you just need to type in your password to get back in.  Easy!  And it means no one can stop by your desk and hop onto the internet or send an email from your account while you’re gone.

It’s a great idea to set up your computer to automatically lock after a set amount of time so that will happen on its own if you are called away from your desk.  You can learn how to set up your Windows device to lock automatically or how to set up your Apple device to lock automatically.

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