Schoology Web Interface Upgrade

Effective Date: July 6, 2018

On July 6th at 4:00pm Schoology will upgrade their web interface which will change how you navigate the platform.  The functionality will remain the same.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Left navigation has moved to be an apps icon (four small squares) on the menu bar
  • Home screen is now reached by clicking the Wheaton logo
  • 24/7 Support options are now in footer of the screen
  • Courses and Groups are now presented in card format

Impact on College Community

There will be no downtime; the next time you log in to Schoology after 4pm on July 6th you will see the new changes. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Academic and Institutional Technology at 630.752.4357 (HELP) or by email at