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Philosophy Journals

The following is a list of philosophy journals that will be of interest to and useful for college students.

For those who are interested in publishing a paper in a philosophy journal, check the web pages of the following journals. All of the journals accept manuscripts only from college students.


An undergraduate journal of philosophy at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Aporia is published twice yearly: an online edition in the fall, and a print edition in the spring. Journal website >  

The Dialectic

The annual University of New Hampshire’s undergraduate philosophy journal. The journal publishes philosophical essays on all topics. The Dialectic accepts and encourages submissions from any university, and it is the journal’s goal to promote an international philosophical dialogue amongst undergraduates. Journal website >  

Dialogue: Journal of Phi Sigma Tau

Phi Sigma Tau is the International Honor Society for Philosophy. Complimentary copies are available in Wheaton’s philosophy department suite. Manuscripts are accepted from undergraduate and graduate students. Contributors are not required to be members of Phi Sigma Tau.

The Dualist Journal

A national undergraduate philosophy journal published by Stanford University undergraduates. Its purpose is to offer students from all universities an opportunity to participate in a normally inaccessible part of academic life—the production and publication of papers for general philosophical readership.


An undergraduate journal of philosophy dedicated to harvesting exceptional undergraduate writing grounded in the distinct value and interest of the philosophical endeavor. It is student run by Union College’s Philosophy Club. Journal website > 


A student‐run journal that aims to recognize and encourage excellence in  undergraduate philosophy by providing examples of some of the best work currently being done in undergraduate philosophy programs. Episteme is published under the auspices of Denison University’s Department of Philosophy. Journal website >  

Geist: Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy

The purpose of Geist is to offer undergraduate students a unique opportunity to engage in a normally exclusive dimension of academia—the production and publication of scholarly literature. Published at the Department of Philosophy at Vanderbilt University. Geist invites submissions from undergraduate students all over the English­‐speaking world.

Logos: The Undergraduate Philosophy Journal

A refereed journal at the Sage School of Philosophy at Cornel University in Ithaca, New York. An entirely student-­run journal, Logos publishes undergraduate work in all branches and traditions of philosophy. Undergraduates from around the globe are invited to submit papers annually for peer review. Accepted papers are published in the current year’s edition of Logos, and the authors of the top three submissions are awarded cash prizes.

Midwest Journal of Undergraduate Research

A peer-­and faculty-­reviewed journal produced by a team of Monmouth College student editors and faulty mentors. The journal accepts submissions from all academic fields and from any undergraduate institution, national or international. Journal website > 

Penn Philosophical Perspectives: A National Student Journal from the Philosophy Department at UPenn

Penn Philosophical Perspective publishes research, outstanding course essays, artwork, critical articles, and book reviews on philosophical topics. PPP publishes quarterly, and circulates in print and online. We offer many students their first opportunity at publishing philosophical work, and accept submissions from both graduate and undergraduate students, from all universities and colleges. Journal website > 

Philologoi: The Belmont University Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy

Based in the history of philosophy, welcoming to both Western and comparative work, and encouraging the engagement with philosophy as a way of life, our student-­led philosophy journal seeks to publish superior quality undergraduate writing to benefit the philosophical community. Journal website > 

Princeton Journal of Bioethics: An Undergraduate Journal of Bioethics

The primary goal of the journal is to provide undergraduates an arena for the discussion of current issues in bioethics including genetic engineering, reproductive rights, stem cell research, and euthanasia.


Accepts undergraduate papers on all philosophical topics. It is published by students at Johns Hopkins University. The purpose of the journal is to promote philosophic discourse of the highest standard by offering students an opportunity to engage in open discussion, participate in the production and publication of an academic philosophy journal, and to establish a community of aspiring philosophers from all walks of life.

The Reed

An interdisciplinary undergraduate journal of existentialism published by students of St. Olaf College. Journal website >  

Sapere Aude: The Wooster Journal of Philosophical Inquiry

Published by students at the College of Wooster. It seeks and publishes papers from both Wooster students and students at other accredited undergraduate institutions. Journal website >


An International Undergraduate Philosophy Journal: An undergraduate journal of philosophy that aims to enrich student learning by providing an opportunity for undergraduate students to have their original scholarly work reviewed by or published in a peer-­‐reviewed academic journal. Journal website >

The Vassar College Journal of Philosophy

commits itself to the clear, engaging, accessible presentation of what we, the students and faculty of the Vassar College Department of Philosophy, consider exemplary undergraduate philosophy conducted at our peer institutions. We hope that our pluralistic approach to philosophy will both reflect and further the diversity of thought found in our disciplinary interests. Journal website >