Philosophy Majors

There are many ways to pursue a philosophy major, depending on how deep you want to go into the discipline, and what other academic interests in which you are interested.

Full Philosophy Majors

There are three options for a full philosophy major: philosophy, German philosophy, and a double major in philosophy and art history.

  • Philosophy Major: Requires 32 hours in philosophy, including Logic, History of Philosophy, at least one Advanced Topics course, at least one Historical Seminar course, and the capstone course. See requirements for the philosophy major.
  • German Philosophy Major: Requires 24 hours in philosophy, including Logic, History of Philosophy (with some German primary source texts), and the capstone course. A philosophy "bridge" course with German primary source texts is required, as well as 16 hours of German coursework, including at least one month of study abroad in Germany. See requirements for the German philosophy major.
  • Philosophy and Art History Double Major: Requires courses in philosophy (including Philosophy of Art, Logic, History of Philosophy, and the capstone course) and art history. See requirements for this double major.

Integrated Philosophy Major

Since philosophical questions are raised across the whole range of human experience, and by our studies in a variety of academic disciplines, the department offers an “integrated 24-16 major” that allows students to complete the major by taking 24 hours of required philosophy courses and 16 hours of designated courses in some companion discipline. Our majors may combine 24 hours of philosophy and 16 in theology, psychology, or English literature, or some other discipline to earn a philosophy degree. To explore the philosophical questions arising in, say, art, requires familiarity with the world and works of art. The integrated major allows students to pursue both interests simultaneously.

Requirements for the integrated major include 24 hours of philosophy, including Logic, History of Philosophy, the capstone course, and a designated philosophy "bridge" course related to the companion discipline. Students are required to take 16 hours in a companion discipline, from a list of approved courses. See the requirements for many integrated philosophy majors; other options are available with the permission of the department chair.

Philosophy Minor

Students may earn a minor in philosophy by taking courses in Logic, the History of Philosophy, and other elective courses to total 20 hours. See requirements for the philosophy minor.