Philosophy Speaker Series

Annual Fall/Spring Series

The annual Philosophy Speaker Series brings scholars from across the country to present new work being done in philosophy and to discuss topics of crucial interest to Christian thinkers.  Recent lectures have addressed topics such as challenges to the project of theodicy, divine hiddenness, defending human dignity, the postmodern turn in hermeneutics, and the nature of Christian hope.  Ample time is always given to questions and discussion.  We invite you to join us for these thought-provoking lectures throughout the year. Info on this year's speakers

McManis Lecture Series

Every third year, the McManis Lecture Series offers the Philosophy Department the opportunity to host both national and international scholars for a series of lectures addressing a specific topic or philosophical issue. These lectures are oriented toward the major and are often accompanied by a course devoted to the topic at hand.

Ethics Trialogue Workshops

Each Spring Semester, Center for Applied Christian Ethics at Wheaton College (CACE) sponsors the Ethics Trialogue Workshops, involving faculty, students, and practicing professionals, in order to “forge clearer ethical direction with regard to pressing personal and social issues of the day.” The Philosophy Department remains very active in these efforts in matters of topic choice, organization and presentation. For more information, please visit CACE.