Philosophy Department Internships

Internship Experiences

Liberal arts students with internship experience benefit greatly as they transition from Wheaton into careers.  Philosophy internships are an important link between the academic study of philosophy and the practical application of philosophical concepts and methods. There are almost no limits to the sorts of internship opportunities students may explore. To gain philosophy internship credit, a student must register for either a 2-hour or 4-hour internship course and meet with the Internship Advisor, currently Dr. Fletcher.  The advisor will discuss the internship and assign pre-reading to be done before the internship begins.  The student will keep a journal every day or two making notes about issues that have come up or thoughts about philosophy and the internship they have entertained.  The journal should be written such that anyone could read it and know what the internship was about.  When the internship service is completed, students will write a paper bringing to bear their pre-reading and any other relevant reading, any previous coursework that is relevant, and their work experience on a philosophically significant topic.

Recent Internships Include:

Fall 2019

  • A student completed an internship with the Chicago Council on Global Affairs while participating in the Wheaton in Chicago program.

Fall 2016

  • A student was an intern at RULE29 (Geneva, IL).  The student learned about art, design, and marketing, while conducting research in aesthetics and the philosophy of art/design.

Spring 2013

  • A student interned at Turbodog Spirit Center (Chicago, IL), where she learned about the technical, interpersonal, and business-related aspects of yoga, and she was given the opportunity to lead and assist classes at the studio. Her philosophic research explored the nature of embodiment from a phenomenological perspective and also developed ways in which the insights of phenomenology may be applied to yogic theory and practice.

Fall 2013

  • A student was an intern at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church (Glen Ellyn, IL), leading discussions and organizing lessons for high school students, as well as researching issues in philosophy of religion.

Fall 2012

  • A student interned at St. Michael’s Catholic Church (Wheaton, IL). The student was in charge of mentoring and educating youth and designing religious education curriculums. She drew from her study on the nature of virtues and vices and how humans come to know and learn

Summer 2012

  • A student interned at Mayo Clinic, Bioethics Department (Rochester, MN). The student worked with doctor to research and write a paper on professionalism in medicine and ethical obligations to speak up, specifically in relation to medical students, fellows, residents, and nurses. She gained hands on experience in the field of ethics and wrote a research paper in the field of medical ethics.

Spring 2012

  • A student interned at The Village Presbyterian Church (Northbrook, IL), participating in pastoral visitations and sat in on planning and financial meetings. These experiences provided great examples for applied ethics! The student also did some teaching for the church and engaged in research in philosophy of religion and philosophical theology.

Fall 2011

  • A student interned at Bellande & Sargis (Chicago, IL), where the student assisted the firm with research, filing, writing reports, and summaries, while also doing philosophic research in the philosophy of law.

Spring 2011

  • A student interned at Mintel (Chicago, IL), working in the legal department and conducting research in legal ethics.

Fall 2010

  • A student interned with Emmaus Ministries (Chicago, IL), which works with male prostitutes in Chicago.  The student did research on several theological and ethical questions related to the work.

Other interns have worked with DuPage Court Victim and Witness Agency, Amnesty International, World Relief, as well as various law firms, investment firms, and hospitals.