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Teacher Education Conceptual Framework

The goal of the Wheaton College Education Department's Conceptual Framework is "Preparing Educators Who Teach and Lead for Human Flourishing."

The values and concepts identified by the Wheaton College Teacher Education conceptual framework are integrated throughout the Wheaton College undergraduate and graduate teacher education programs in courses and clinical experiences and are assessed through various developmental evaluations. This conceptual framework incorporates but extends beyond the Illinois Professional Teaching Standards (2013) and the Code of Ethics for Illinois Educators (October 2010). This document has been created, reviewed and approved by the Wheaton College Department of Education, Wheaton College arts and sciences faculty as represented on the Wheaton College Secondary Education Advisory Committee, Wheaton College education program graduates, PK-12 private and public school educators, Wheaton College administrators, the Illinois State Board of Education, and the national teacher accreditating agency at that time (NCATE). 

The Wheaton College Teacher Education Conceptual Framework was originally created in 1993 and was previously revised in 1999, 2004, and in 2013. Recommendations for changes to this document can be initiated by any of the above mentioned parties but must follow the identical process for review and approval.

The complete 20-page conceptual framework (PDF), including the process, courses, and references is also available. It also provides the following information about the conceptual framework:

  • Vision and Mission of the Institution and Unit
  • The Unit’s Philosophy, Purposes and Goals/Institutional Standards
  • Knowledge Bases, Including Theories, Research, the Wisdom of Practice and Education Policies
  • Candidate Proficiencies Aligned with Expectations in Professional, State and Institutional Standards
  • The System by Which Candidate Performance is Regularly Assessed