Wheaton in Korea

An Immersive Experience in Modern Korean History, Culture, and Christianity

Program Overview

The growth of Christianity in Korea is one of the most remarkable stories in global Christianity. Since the arrival of Western missionaries in the late-1800s, South Korea has become the vibrant center of Asian Protestantism and one of the highest missionary-sending countries in the world. This development has spanned devastating colonialism, civil war, authoritarian regimes, the establishment of democratic governance, and the proliferation of K-culture. Wheaton in Korea students will experience this story through a course on Christianity in Korea, site visits to historic locations, and immersion in Handong’s campus life.

Wheaton in Korea offers a place-based immersive Christian learning experience to foster cross-cultural competency and servant leadership in a global context. It meets growing student interest in Asia and responds to a demographic shift in Christianity from the West to the global South and East. Students will take one four-credit course taught by Wheaton faculty at Handong University. Tentative site visits include Pohang, Seoul, Busan, and Gyeongju.

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For information, contact Dr. Hanmee Kim and Dr. Gregory Lee at wik@wheaton.edu.

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