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Wheaton in Korea

Learn about Korean history, culture and theology in Seoul!

Program Overview

Seventy years ago, South Korea was a war-torn society still reeling from decades of devastating colonialism. Today, it is one of the most developed nations in the world, a global entertainment hub and the vibrant center of Asian Protestantism. Wheaton in Korea students will experience this fascinating story through courses on modern Korea and Christian thought, site visits to historic locations, and immersion in Seoul's bustling cultural life. 

  • Sponsoring Department: Biblical and Theological Studies; History
  • Program Leaders: Dr. Hanmee Kim, Assistant Professor of History; Dr. Gregory Lee, Associate Professor of Theology and Urban Studies
  • Term: Anticipated Summer 2022
  • Travel Dates: TBA
  • Estimated Cost:  TBA (airfare not included)
  • Prerequisites: none
  • Eligibility: Open to Wheaton and non-Wheaton College students
  • Partner Institution(s):  TBA
  • Highlights: TBA

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Program Fees


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How to Apply

To apply, visit GoGlobal, Wheaton College's registration system for off-campus study and international travel, research, and internships.