Study Abroad and Off-Campus Study

When you study abroad, your education accelerates as you live and learn in another culture—every interaction is an opportunity for intellectual, spiritual, and personal growth. You experience a different academic system, the complexity of another culture and language, and you will encounter the world in new ways.

Collage of semester and summer study abroad. From left, Middle East Studies Program student at Petra. Wheaton in England students in a garden. Wheaton in Mexico colorful street scene. IAU Aix-en-Provence study in front of old French bakery.

Why Study Abroad?

Here are a few reasons why you should consider a cross-cultural learning experience:

  • Increase your understanding of the world and our society
  • Gain intercultural skills
  • Build fluency in a foreign language
  • Gain a new level of confidence
  • Learn from a new perspective
  • Meet new people in new places
  • Enhance future employment opportunities

How Do You Study Off-Campus (Study Abroad)?

Step One: Meet with a member of the GPS Study Abroad Team

Before applying for a study abroad program, make an appointment to meet with a member of the GPS Study Abroad Team. 

Step Two: Apply for Off-Campus Study Approval

Students must also apply for Off-Campus Study Approval through Global Programs and Studies (GPS) and receive course approval from academic advisors or departments. Federal, State and Wheaton Financial Aid may apply to programs approved by GPS, except as noted. 

Apply for Approval Now >

Application Deadline for Spring Semester Programs: October 15th
Application Deadline for Fall Semester Programs: March 15th

Step Three: Apply for Your Specific Program

Program applications are program specific. Please review the application instructions and guidelines on the program website for details. 

All programs listed on the Global Programs and Studies website are approved by GPS. GPS makes a special effort to include on its list of approved programs those that meet high academic standards, correspond to the mission of Wheaton College and GPS, and represent a wide choice for students in regards to curriculum, language, and location.

GPS will, however, consider the petitions of students who would like to attend a non‐approved program and receive academic credit. Non‐approved programs are a potential option for students who cannot find an academic match for their major on any of the Wheaton‐approved programs. Submitted petitions must demonstrate a compelling academic reason for studying on a non‐approved program. For further information on the petition process, please meet with one of the GPS Study Abroad Advisors to discuss the program and petition process. 

Radcliffe Camera Library - Oxford University
Semester Programs

Our goal is to place you in a challenging academic environment within cross-cultural settings around the world and throughout the United States.

Students on hike in Wheaton in the Holy Lands
Summer Programs

Wheaton College offers summer academic experiences - opportunities to study, travel, and engage with other cultures - lead by Wheaton College faculty to many locations abroad.