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Wheaton Network Initiative on Gender, Development, and Christianity  

Upcoming Events

Where are the Women, February 2020

Dr. Amy Reynolds will be speaking February 10th on "Women Leading in Nonprofits and Colleges" at WHERE are the WOMEN?, a Wheaton College conference sponsored by The Center for Vocation and Career, Office of the Chief Intercultural Engagement Office, Office of the Provost, Vocation and Alumni Engagement Department, and the School of Biblical and Theological Studies.

CSW-UN, March 2020

Advisory Committee member Dr. Jacqueline Ogega (World Vision) will be hosting a Forum on "What Works? A Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Framework for Inclusive Development" as a Parallel Event at the UN-CSW meetings in NYC on March 10.  Contact GESIteam@worldvision.org for more information.

CBE Annual Conference, July 2020

Network participant Christians for Biblical Equality (CBE) will be hosting a conference "Men, Women, and God: Theology and Its Impact," with a central focus on centering women's equality in Christian NGO work.  The conference is held in London July 30-August 1, and will feature a number of network participants as speakers.  

Recent Events

Accord Forum, October 2019

Dr. Amy Reynolds (alongside Eeva Sallinen Simard of BE Development Partners) presented the first version of the Principles for Gender Equality in Development to the Accord Forum in North Carolina (an umbrella group of Christ-centered relief and development organizations). Information on the Forum 

Justice Institute, May 2019

Advisory Member Rev. Sandra Van Opstal led the Justice Institute: Women’s Empowerment conference in Chicago. Dr. Amy Reynolds spoke about barriers that often keep women from leading and serving God.  

Accord Research Alliance, April 2019

Dr. Amy Reynolds and Dr. Beth Birmingham (Humanitarian Disaster Institute Fellow) presented a webinar to the Accord Research Alliance on organizational change and women’s empowerment.

2nd Gender, Development and Christianity Consortium, November 2018

The second meeting of the Gender, Development and Christianity Network met at Wheaton College, co-hosted with Imago Dei Fund. Representatives from 20 organizations attended, and we hosted a public panel with some of these leaders. 

International Development Panel, November 30, 2018

Leaders from World Relief, International Justice Mission, Compassion International, Restored UK and Christian Community Development Association discuss their efforts in Christian development around the globe. Moderated by Dr. Amy Reynolds.

Sponsored by The Department of Sociology and AnthropologyHuman Needs and Global Resources (HNGR)Global Programs and Studies (GPS), and the Humanitarian Disaster Institute (HDI) 

Beth BirminghamBeth Birmingham
Compassion International

Mandy MarshallMandy Marshall
Restored UK

Katherine MarshallKatherine Marshall
World Faiths Development Dialogue

Abraham GeorgeAbraham George
International Justice Mission

Joanna Ketzer ChunJoanna Kretzer Chun
World Relief

Sandra Van OpstalSandra Van Opstal
Christian Community Development Association 


1st Gender, Development and Christianity Consortium, January 2018

The first meeting of the Gender, Development and Christianity Network met at Wheaton College, co-hosted with World Relief and Imago Dei Fund.