Opportunities & Activities in the Department

Student Opportunities

Off-Campus Domestic and Abroad Programs

There are opportunities for Biology students to study outside the classroom at the Wheaton College Science Station in the Black Hills of South Dakota, the Wheaton College HoneyRock camp in Wisconsin, as well as other domestic and abroad programs. Read more >>

Get Involved in the Biology Department

Students are able to participate in the Biology Department by applying for student staff positions or by joining student led organizations. Read more >>

Research and Internships

The goal of faculty-student collaborative research is to develop mentoring relationships through scholarship. Students will collaborate with faculty members and learn to ask scientific questions, develop hypotheses, and design experiments to test hypotheses. Often, students have the opportunity to communicate results to the scientific community through refereed journal articles or presentations at scientific meetings. Students work alongside Biology faculty to learn the practical applications of the field. Read more >>

There are many opportunities for students interested in a particular career path to experience what is actually involved in the day by day activities of the profession of interest. At an off campus site, students participate in research or service opportunities that provide experience in the professional context. Most return with a clearer vision of what it means to be a health professional, researcher, or a biologist in one of the many ways that a graduate with a degree in Biology can serve Christ and His Kingdom. Read more >>

Awards and Scholarships

Find more information about the following awards given by the Biology Department: The Russell Mixter Award, The David Bruce Memorial Research Award, and The Raymen & Ruth Johnston Family Botany Scholarship Award. Read more >>