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Student Staff Positions

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Positions in the Biological and Health Sciences Department help students to develop leadership skills by growing in their knowledge of their field, acquiring hands-on experience, participating in teaching labs, joining in a weekly pre-lab meeting and working closely with faculty and fellow students.

The BHS department employs thirty to thirty-five students each semester. Most students work as paid teaching assistants, but student employees also manage the greenhouse, care for research organisms and aquarium fish in display tanks, wash glassware, and help with administrative duties in the department.

For students with a career interest in teaching biology, working as a teaching assistant can provide them with valuable practical experience. Teaching assistants spend between six and ten hours a week working closely with instructors in introductory and upper level biology courses. Their responsibilities include setting up for lab courses, working closely with professors, helping during classroom instruction, grading assignments, and being available to answer students’ questions outside of class.

The Department offers such positions as:

  • Teaching Assistants (TAs) in labs
  • Peer Tutors
  • Lab Prep Assistants
  • Greenhouse Assistant
  • Animal Room Assistant
  • Fish/Hydroids Assistant

Applications are accepted in early November for Spring Staff Positions and early April for Fall Staff Positions. (Summer positions are also available)

For Further Information on Student Staff Positions and job descriptions:
Contact: Coreen Ogilvie, Biology Lab Associate,

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