Kristen Anderson Wineinger '12, Biology Alumna

Kristen Anderson Wineinger 12 Wheaton College Biology AlumnaAfter graduation I discovered a unique niche in healthcare - a job with a healthcare software company. In my role as Laboratory Consultant for Cerner Corporation, I work specifically on customizing and implementing the Blood Bank Transfusion solution. I work directly with Blood Bank Supervisors and Lab Directors to make sure the system is set up exactly how they need it, as well as facilitate discussions with providers on the hospital's best workflow for ordering and transfusing blood products. The ability to understand and speak to the science behind blood transfusions makes me a better consultant, and I have my Wheaton College Biology degree to thank for that. My time at Wheaton also helped strengthen my organization and presentation skills, which have been vital during my consulting career 

This job has given me such incredible experiences. As the job is client based, I've been able to travel all over the country. This year I will have the incredible privilege of traveling to Dublin to work on the blood bank system that will be used in laboratories throughout Ireland!

I feel incredibly blessed that God opened up this opportunity at Cerner Corporation for me, and for the solid foundation that the Wheaton College Biology department gave to me.