Biology Learning Outcomes

As a result of completing the Biology program at Wheaton College, students will achieve the following learning outcomes:

  1. Understands processes by which energy is captured by primary producers and used to support the maintenance, growth, and reproduction of biological organisms.
  2. Understands genetic and epigenetic mechanisms of inheritance and response to changing environmental conditions (information flow); including natural selection, mutations, gene flow, and genetic drift.
  3. Understand structure, function, and the structure/function relationship at all levels of biological organization: from molecules to ecosystems; including the diversity of biological organisms.
  4. Understands evolutionary theory.
  5. Expresses scientific information in written and oral forms appropriate to a professional scientific audience.
  6. Appropriately analyzes scientific information through quantitative, statistical, and bioinformatic approaches.
  7. Integrates subdisciplines of biology, biology with other disciplines, and Christian faith and scientific understanding in the practice of biology.
  8. Demonstrates professionalism such as in meeting course expectations.
  9. Discovers and interprets characteristics of nature as part of God’s creation.