Alumni Profiles

Jessica Anderson Applied Health Science alumna
Jessica Anderson '11

Jessica Anderson '11 found her calling as an intensive care unit (ICU) nurse. Every day, Anderson drives to work to care for ICU patients at a hospital in Southern California. Two months ago, her life turned upside down due to the arrival of coronavirus in the United States.

Ted Gehrig '10 Wheaton College Applied Health Science Alumnus
Teddy Gehrig '12

I have a strong desire to restore people to a healthy state of being. . . . Giving people the ability to return back to their day-to-day activities is equivalent to giving them new life

Josh Lawrenz Wheaton College Applied Health Science Alumnus
Josh Lawrenz '10

My experience at Wheaton College as an Applied Health Science major was undeniably the most formative four years of education in my life.

Brendon Smith Wheaton College Applied Health Science Alumnus
Brendan Smith '10

I am a lab manager and postdoctoral research associate in the Sabri Ülker Center led by Gökhan Hotamisligil. We study molecular mechanisms of metabolism and metabolic conditions including obesity, diabetes and atherosclerosis.