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Marketing Communications Staff

The Marketing Communications office is responsible for helping the College communicate to the community and the public at large through a variety of means and media. It is our goal to ensure that what everyone on campus communicates about Wheaton is of the highest quality, consistent in its message, and editorially sound and accurate.

Marketing Staff

Joseph Moore

Director of Marketing Communications
email | ext. 5729

Alyssa Huber

Conservatory/Fine Arts Marketing Specialist
email | ext. 5385

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Hannah Hempstead

Interim Graduate School Marketing Manager
email | ext. 5704

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Sarah Davis

HoneyRock Marketing Specialist
email | ext. 5718

Jordan Christner

Advancement Marketing Specialist
email | ext.5219

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Maxine Mella

email | ext. 5939

Mary Leiser

Art Director
email | ext. 5512

Brittney Dunn

email | ext.

LaTonya Taylor

Director of Media Relations
email | ext. 5714

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Emily Bratcher

Media Relations Specialist
email | ext. 5148

Les Barker

CMS User Training and Support Specialist
email | ext. 5510

Rebecca Larson

Director of Web Communications
email | ext. 5566

Craig Taylor

Web Developer
email | ext. 5962

Andrew Suk

Media Producer
email | ext. 7446

Gabi Satola

Media Producer
email | ext. 5939

Charlie Audino

Editor, Wheaton Magazine
email | ext. 5515

Our People Variant

Jenn Carver

Marketing Communications Coordinator
email | ext. 5779