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Marketing Communications at Wheaton College

The Wheaton College Office of Marketing Communications manages Wheaton's presentation to the world. We promote and protect the Wheaton brand, provide strategy and implementation for enrollment and development marketing, tell the Wheaton story through various channels, and provide web and design services to ensure a unified presentation to external audiences.

The office oversees the College's brand development, marketing, public relations, storytelling, web communications, design, and other strategic communications. We use excellent creative storytelling and content creation to advance the Wheaton College brand.

In the Office of Marketing Communication, we tell the Wheaton story every day, and we want to partner with you to ensure that the College's mission, values, and distinctives are proclaimed and presented in ways that inform, inspire, and engage audiences across the globe.


The Office of Marketing Communications conveys what Wheaton has to offer that is of value to particular audiences—students, students' parents, alumni, donors, and the world. Ultimately, our goal is to inspire people to action: enroll at Wheaton, refer someone to enroll at Wheaton, or donate to Wheaton. As we partner with you to meet these goals, we utilize four guiding principles: value, consistency, accountability, and simplicity.

  • Value: Who is my target audience? Is what we are communicating useful, worthwhile, and relevant to the target audience? What do I want them to do with the information?
  • Consistency: Is it unified with the Wheaton College mission and brand?
  • Accountability: Can we deliver on the promises being made?
  • Simplicity: Have all unnecessary elements been removed (words & design) in order to create the greatest clarity?

Work with Us

We want to make marketing easy for you. Collaboration is key to success. Our goal is to listen carefully and then provide expert guidance and directives. Here is how to get started:



The Marketing Communications department is consistently recognized for outstanding work. 

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  • give behind-the-scenes or insider perspectives
  • show transformation
  • highlight Wheaton's strengths and personality traits
  • celebrate achievements
  • tie together multiple parts of the Wheaton experience