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Marketing Communications at Wheaton College

To better reflect recent reorganization in the Marketing Communications department, this site will be under construction during Summer 2022. 

While we're working to update and improve the site, you can still find all the marketing help you need below. If you have questions that aren't answered below, reach out to us at marketing.communications@wheaton.edu and we'll be happy to help!

In order to maintain brand consistency, all print pieces for external audiences—not faculty, staff, or students—must be designed or approved by the Office of Marketing Communications. 

So we can better serve you, please fill out the design request form with your project-specific information. Please allow 4 weeks for the design process and an additional 2 weeks for printing. If your project has multiple pieces more time may be required. We will be in touch within 24 hours of receiving your request to confirm your project details.

If you have questions, please contact Senior Graphic Designer Maxine Jump (maxine.jump@wheaton.edu).

The Web Team manages wheaton.edu, including training and support for campus users. 

If you need help with a web project, please contact web.support@wheaton.edu. Our CMS Training and Support Specialist is available to provide training, support, and consultation.

Media Relations is the College's point of contact with the news media. In addition to producing news content about Wheaton College, we respond to media inquiries, promote campus events, and help members of the campus community share their news.

Please contact Director of Marketing Communications Joe Moore (ext. 5729, joseph.moore@wheaton.edu) for consultation before interacting with members of the media. 

The Storytelling Team produces news, Wheaton Magazine content, social media, video and photography to tell the Wheaton story. 


The Storytelling team meets weekly to discuss story ideas for wheaton.edu and Wheaton Magazine. Have a story idea? Submit it via stories@wheaton.edu. Many of our stories started out as an idea from someone like you!


Marketing Communications is available to take photos for primary use on wheaton.edu. If you have photography needs, contact Media Production Specialist Diana Sokolov (diana.sokolov@wheaton.edu) for more information. A list of freelancers is also available upon request for photography needs that fall outside MarComm's scope of work.


Marketing Communications has limited in-house videography capability, and therefore cannot take requests for video projects at this time. However, we can provide a list of approved video freelance partners as well as brand guideline requirements for any Wheaton College video production. Please contact Director of Brand and Content Strategies Charles Audino (charles.audino@wheaton.edu) for more information. 

The Wheaton College brand is built upon our more-than-160-year history and the strength of our enduring identity. The way our brand is presented—including the visuals and messages—reflects Wheaton's identity and its aspiration.

Consult the Wheaton College Brand Style Guide for detailed information on how to apply Wheaton's brand. Contact Director of Brand and Content Strategies Charles Audino (charles.audino@wheaton.edu) if you have questions. 

We create marketing and advertising strategies for Wheaton College institutional social media channels—including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn—and we oversee the implementation of the strategies and publishing.

All social media accounts representing Wheaton departments, clubs, or groups should be registered with Marketing Communications. Start your registration now.

Have questions about social media? Contact Media Production Specialist Diana Sokolov (diana.sokolov@wheaton.edu).

We have many different forms of the Wheaton College official logo. We can deliver the one you need to you, after you fill out a simple form. 

You can contact our designated printer, Lemon Press, to create your business cards. You will only need to provide them with the wording for the card. 

Please contact marketing.communications@wheaton.edu to order Wheaton College name badges.