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Branded Templates

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Telling the Wheaton Story

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Intro to the Wheaton Brand

The Wheaton College brand is built upon our more-than-160-year history and the strength of our enduring identity. The way our brand is presented—including the visuals and messages—reflects Wheaton's identity and its aspiration.


What is a Brand?

A brand isn't just a logo. A brand is the aggregate total of people's impressions and experiences—all that they think and feel when they interact with Wheaton. We mold these perceptions and experiences through a process called branding.

Wheaton's brand is what our current and prospective students and parents, alumni, academic peers, and others feel and think when they see Wheaton symbols or hear our words.

What a Brand Does

  • It articulates clearly what Wheaton is, what it values, and what it offers the world.
  • It reflects both Wheaton's reality and its aspirations.
  • It makes an emotional connection with specific audiences.
  • It unifies people behind the idea of Wheaton.
  • It inspires people to action.


Have questions about branding? Contact the Director of Brand and Content Strategies (charles.audino@wheaton.edu).