Cybersecurity Video Contest


  • Who is eligible to participate? This contest is open to all current graduate and undergraduate Wheaton College students.
  • Can I submit more than one video? Yes! Be sure to complete a new jotform for each submission (see guidelines below for instructions on how to submit your videos)
  • How are winners selected?  A judging committee will vote on videos submitted using the Contest Judging Rubric during the week of November 20th. AIT will announce the winners by November 30th.
  • I won! How do I collect my prize? AIT will be contacting you using the information submitted on your entroy form to ensure you receive your prize.
  • My friends and I submitted a video as a group. How does it work if we win? AIT will contact each person based on the information entered on the submission jotform. Prize money will be divided evenly among all members of the group. 
  • My student organization submitted a group video. If we win, can the prize money go to the student organization's budget? Yes, if you win a group submission and you designate an official Wheaton College Student Club or Organization on your group submission form, we can transfer the money to that budget.

QUESTIONS? Email us! 

Submit your video by completeing these two steps:

  • Video entries should be 30-90 seconds in length and must be original work
  • Entries will be accepted through 11:59 PM CST NOVEMBER 13th, 2023
  • A Wheaton College Wheaton College Media Release Form must be completed for each person distinctly featured or involved in the production of the video 
  • By submitting a video entry, the creators authorize use by Wheaton College as part of our cybersecurity awareness campus efforts
  • All video content must be align with Wheaton College’s including missionStatement of Faith and Community Covenant
  • A committee will vote on winning videos during the week of Nov 20th using thisContest Judging Rubric
  • AIT will announce the winners by 5:00p CDT on Nov 30th

Video content must NOT:

  • Promote illegal behavior
  • Discriminate against or support individual prejudice towards others along ethnic, racial, religious, or sexual grounds
  • Invade the privacy of any person
  • Use inappropriate or obscene images or language
  • Violate the Wheaton College Community Covenant

This contest is open to all current graduate and undergraduate Wheaton College students.

QUESTIONS? Email us! 

  • Email security (best practices)
    • Phishing(what is it? how to spot it)
    • Social Engineering
  • Password security/safety 
    • Password best practices
    • What defines a good password
    • Password managers
  • Cyber apocalypse (what can happen, horror stories if we DON’T follow best practices)
    • Ransomware (what can happen)
    • Cover the personal, campus, and community risk/negative impact 
  • Career
    • What it’s like to be a cybersecurity professional (general and/or within Wheaton College) 
    • Be the SHIELD (Cybersecurity as a career)