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Investing in a Christian, Liberal Arts Gap Year

Cost of the Vanguard Gap Year: 2020-2021

This page will be updated for the 2021-2022 academic year in December '21. Use these numbers as a guideline, but know they do not reflect next year's actual cost.

If a Vanguard takes full advantage of the opportunities to reduce program cost, the total out of pocket program cost is $11,000.

There's no way around it: a gap year is a significant investment. College? Even more so. 

Research shows students who have completed a gap year are more motivated and disciplined in their academic pursuits. Too many students use valuable time in college just learning how to navigate life away from home. Instead of focusing on classes, extra-curriculars, and building healthy relationships, they're learning how to balance time demands, developing realistic expectations and boundaries, and taking extra classes trying to determine their major.

While Vanguard is an investment, it prepares students to jump into college with a purpose, knowing who they are and where they want to go.

Program Costs

Program Deposit $300
Fall Semester $6,500
Spring Semester $6,500
Summer Semester* $2,500
Immersion Experiences $2,500
Total Program Costs $18,300

Remember, if a Vanguard takes full advantage of the opportunities to reduce program cost (see below), the total out of pocket program cost for a year of room & board, travel, 8 college credits, and guided vocational discernment is $11,000. 

Additional Information: Vanguard Program Costs

  • Deposit: A $300 deposit (nonrefundable after May 1) confirms enrollment. After successful completion of the program, all bills being paid, this deposit will be refunded.
  • Summer Payment: Semester payments are due by the first day of Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. Summer semester payment waived if student works during the summer immediately following the Vanguard Gap Year.
  • Immersion Experiences: Vanguards will raise support for their immersion experiences. If their goal is not met, the amount will be added to the summer semester bill.

Decrease the Cost of Your Gap Year

Reducing Program Costs

Program Deposit Refund $300
Student Contribution $1,000
HoneyRock Match to Student Contribution $1,000
Immersion Experiences Fundraising $2,500
Waived Summer Semester Payment $2,500
Total Potential Reduction $7,300

Additional Information: Decreasing the Cost of Vanguard

  • Program Deposit Refund: As long as the Vanguard has raised the full expense of the immersion experience and passes their room inspection at the end of the year, this deposit is returned in full.
  • Student Contribution: A matching scholarship up to $1,000 is given when a Vanguard participant contributes $1,000 of their own money towards program costs. This must be personally earned and cannot be raised through fundraising or gifts.
  • Immersion Experiences Fundraising: Vanguards will be guided through the fundraising process to raise the needed money for the immersion experiences.

Estimated Indirect Costs

Listed below are the estimated indirect costs that a participant could incur that are outside of the program cost. The costs may be greater or lower depending on the individual situation. We strongly encourage each Vanguard to have a debit card that parents can access and monitor. This allows Vanguards to learn how to budget their living expenses over the course of one year.

  • Personal expenses/miscellaneous = $1,000
    Includes but not limited to laundry, snacks, dinner in town, movie, etc...
  • Transportation = $600
    Traveling to and from HoneyRock during Christmas and pre-Summer breaks.
  • Total Estimated Indirect Costs = $1,600
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