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In the Life of a Vanguard

 Vanguard: Day in the Life

 MondayTuesday - ThursdayFriday
7:30 Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
8:00 Community Devotionals Community Devotionals Community Devotionals
8:15 Cultural Immersion Prep Work in Rotation Seminar Prep Time

12:00 Midday Prayer Midday Prayer Midday Prayer
12:15 Lunch Lunch Lunch
1:00 Outdoor Activity Work in Rotation Seminar Begins
3:30 Reflection/Discussion Time Seminar Activity
5:15 Dinner Dinner Dinner
6:00 Family Night Free Time Seminar Activity

  1. Is it exactly like this every week? No - this is just a very general look at what a week could look like. You'll always eat meals at these times, you'll always be working from Tuesday-Thursday, and Mondays and Fridays will always be more programmed days. Vanguards receive a monthly schedule so they know what's going on from day to day.
  2. How are meals served? Family style! You sit down at our 10-seat rectangular tables and pass bowls, platters, and pitchers of prepared food.
  3. What does free time mean? Great question. To us, free time means there's nothing scheduled. However - you might have assignments, chores, or other responsibilities (applying for colleges! addressing fundraising letters! talking with someone back home!) that need to be done. While we leave plenty of free time to get these things done, it's up to you to figure out when.
  4. What are Community Devotionals? Everyone at HoneyRock - professional staff, Fellows, Graduate Students, volunteers, Vanguards - gather for 15-20 minutes to begin the day. We read Scripture, name and reflect on what God is doing, and pray. Different members of the community lead each morning, so the content and presentation stay fresh and relevant. For many of us at HoneyRock, this is our favorite time of day!
  5. What are work rotations? You spend about six weeks working in three different areas of camp. The rotation options include grounds, barn, office, kitchen, guest services, and the auto shop.

Vanguard: Weekend in the Life

We believe in rest and recreation on the weekends. While there might be some "required" programming, we try and leave it open. Oftentimes, Vanguards spend weekends doing outdoor activities, hanging out in town (Eagle River or Three Lakes), catching up on some reading for seminars, going to church, and finding their own fun around HoneyRock.

8:00 Breakfast Breakfast
9:00 Free Time Church
12:15 Lunch Lunch

Town Run Free Time
Optional Activity
5:15 Dinner Dinner
Evening Free Time Vespers and Small Groups