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International Student Groups

International Student Groups

There are four international student groups that are part of the International Student Programs Office. Axis, MuKappa, Ladder and International Apartments.  We would love for you to join us! Visit our facebook page to learn more!

International Apartments

What we do:

The International Apartments community lives in two on-campus apartments (Crescent 4A/5A) and provides a space for fellowship where international students can gather together, receive encouragement, and build meaningful relationships across cultures and with domestic students.  The eight members of this community will host and plan weekly events.  

International Apartments 2019

The International Apartments community lives in two on campus apartments (Crescent 4A/5A) and provides a space for fellowship where international students can gather together through weekly events.  You can follow their Instagram account @internationalapartments.


What we do:

As the main programming team for the ISP office, Axis plans events to facilitate meaningful relationships between international students and the broader campus community.  They also enjoy creating activities designed to specifically support the success and development of F-1 visa students at Wheaton! 


Axis 2019

Please stop by the IPS office at the North end of lower Beamer or click here to learn more. You can join the Axis mailing list by emailing  axis@my.wheaton.edu.



What we do:

MuKappa exists to create meaningful Christ-centered relationships among TCKs, while also creating an international community that fosters belonging for anyone who has experienced cross cultural transitions.  MuKappa gathers weekly for Sunday dinners, hosts the campus Espionage game and attends Snow Camp each year. 

MuKappa Cabinet 2019

Click here to learn more, or contact us at wheatonmukappa@gmail.com.


What we do...

Ladder provides 1-on-1 guidance and support for new first-year and transfer international students (F-1 visa, MK and TCK).  Ladder leaders help new students navigate their transition to Wheaton by building friendships with them and making connections to people and resources on campus.  Whle enjoying coffee dates and movie nights with new students, the Ladder team comes together to support one another and make fun memories.

Ladder Cabinet

Click here to learn more or email us at ladder.leaders@my.wheaton.com.