ISP Photo Contest

2022 Photo Contest Winners

In honor of International Education Week, the ISP sponsored a photo contest with the theme of "The Place I Call Home". 



First Place - "Then I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse"

Lucas Zurita

Zurita says photo symbolizes his home on two levels. One, we see the beautiful Patagonia landscapes that make him proud to be a Chilean citizen. Secondly, the connection to Revelation 19 through the heavens and the white horse gives him hope knowing that ultimately he is a citizen of the Kingdom of God. 



Second Place – "Glimpses Shot from (outside) a Busan bus"

Ciara Stuhler

I lived in South Korea for a semester abroad, and finding my way around was one of the steepest learning curves during my transition. Checking bus schedules quickly became second-nature, and despite never conversing, I considered strangers who shared this fleeting space with me friends. Exposing my untethered, vulnerable camera as we barreled down a Busan hill, I immortalized one of these friends. I often wonder if passersby honored in photographs will ever see glimpses of themselves in the end result.



Third Place – "Carousel"

J.P. Rodriguez

As an international student, I've found that I adapt very quickly when I visit another country. Paris was one of the best experiences I've had, and this picture sums up the closeness and comfort I felt when I stayed there.



Staff Choice Award – "Fire Dragon Fruit"

Sally Li

Growing up, I have gotten used to my mom preparing a plate of fresh fruit, bought from our local farmer's market. Coming to the States has made me realize how much love can be embedded within a serving of fruits, especially since certain fruits have become a luxury to enjoy here. So now every time I have some, nostalgic memories of my mom and my home come flooding into my mind.